Winter 2018

Food  Styling Workshop

with Sheryl Julian and Sally Vargas

Join Sally Vargas and Sheryl Julian for a day-and-a-half workshop on food styling, photography, videography, and food writing on Friday, Jan. 19 and Saturday, Jan. 20 in Watertown, Mass.  (Snow date Feb 2 and 3.)

The workshop is designed for all levels. You can come with some knowledge of food styling or none at all. You’ll be with us or a guest instructor from midday Friday through Saturday late afternoon. Friday lunch and dinner and Saturday lunch are included.

You will shoot photos with your own camera or phone, with lots of close, one-on-one attention from Sheryl and Sally in a class limited to 10. Your shots will include two finished dishes. We’ll discuss how to tell a story with lighting, angle, color, and how to set a mood. An experienced Boston videographer will show you how to shoot and edit a short video and you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback and observations on your writing.

What to bring (equipment)
Camera or phone. If camera also a laptop, tether cord, and tripod, if you like.

What to bring (props)
If you want to use your own props, bring them with you, remembering that small is always best (salad plates, cups, silverware, textiles; no large dinner plates or platters). It’s always nice to use your own so when you publish your work later on Instagram, you see your favorite things. We have lots of props if you want to use ours. We also have backgrounds, wood boards, marble, and textiles.

Social media
We encourage you to post as you learn and we’ll help you edit photos for that.

Date and time
The workshop will begin Friday at noon and the day will end after dinner. We will resume on Saturday at 10 am and work until 5 pm.

The cost is $650 per person, payable by check by Jan 10. Fee includes three meals and snacks while you’re with us.

Cancellation policy
If something arises and you find you cannot attend, we can refund your fee if we find a replacement for your spot. If we cannot find a student to take your place, we cannot offer a refund. Because Boston weather can be unpredictable, we’ve set aside a snow date, so please keep both weekends open if you plan to attend.

About us
Former food editor for the Boston Globe, Julian is a professionally trained cook, cookbook author, food stylist, and writer with over 30 years’ experience in food media. Vargas is a professional chef, writer, and photographer and the author of several books, including "The Tao of Cooking" and the newly published "The Cranberry Cookbook,” for which she also took the photographs.    

To register

Email She will tell you how to register. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

See you there!
Sally and Sheryl

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