Slow roasted salmon on a bed of greens

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The season for wild salmon from Alaska ranges from mid-May until September, so now is great time to enjoy it with the fresh herbs of summer.  Because wild salmon is lower in fat than farm-raised, it is easy to overcook it. The solution? Roast it slowly so it doesn’t dry out.

Slow-roasting fish isn’t new, but it’s a technique that can be applied to almost any fish that you want to cook in the oven. Instead of cooking it at high heat for the usual maxim of ten minutes per inch, turn down the oven and cook it for slightly longer; the total time expended is still minimal. Ask the fish seller to remove the skin and place the salmon on a bed of herbs so the flavors permeate the fish as it cooks. Salmon has pin bones, and the job of removing them is most often the cook’s. To facilitate locating them, try this trick: lay the salmon on top of an upside-down bowl so it is convex, run your fingers along the fish to find the bones, and firmly grasp them with tweezers or needle-nose pliers. The rest is as easy as summer living.

(Previously published in the Boston Globe)

Posted on August 18, 2017 .