About Sally

I have had a long career as both ‘chef’, writer and photographer, working with the Boston Globe’s Wednesday food section and more recently, with the website Simplyrecipes.com

I am a writer, stylist, and photographer and the author four cookbooks.

The Blueberry Cookbook

The Cranberry Cookbook, (Globe Pequot Press)

Food for Friends (Ten Speed Press)

The Tao of Cooking (Ten Speed Press)

I launched my culinary career as a line cook at a restaurant near Woodstock, NY and studied pastry at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park NY. I was lucky to have many mentors along the way, and hope to return the favor to others with teaching and general kitchen table advice.

WORKSHOPS: I teach workshops!

January 2019 Maine Media Workshops I’m excited to collaborate with Nancy Harmon Jenkins for a week of food writing and photography. Maine in the dead of winter, you ask? Well, it’s a side of Maine you probably never see, and Nancy and I are cooking up some pretty out-of-the-ordinary plans for you.

April 5 & 6, 2019 Boston University with Sheryl Julian, writer, stylist, and long time editor of The Boston Globe food pages.

April 15, 2019 (Saturday) With Sheryl Julian. From 11-4 at my home studio in Watertown, MA. Small group with emphasis on styling and making photos and editing them on your phone. How to use light and composition to tell a compelling visual story—lunch and wine included! Come join us!


After graduation from college with a degree in French (good luck with that) I was casting around for what to do with my life when I landed at a small, roadside restaurant in Big Indian, in the New York Catskills (aka, the middle of nowhere.) The truth is, I landed in a yoga ashram! I learned to meditate and I learned to cook. It was an unusual choice for a college grad at the time, but then, I have had an unusual life….

Thanksgiving for more than 100, not a problem. (Sally Pasley with Annie Ehrenclou)

Thanksgiving for more than 100, not a problem. (Sally Pasley with Annie Ehrenclou)

It was there I met my mentor, Chef Eugene Bernard. He didn’t believe women belonged in the professional kitchen. I proved him wrong and he trained me. He even sent me to the CIA (that’s Culinary Institute!) to learn pastry with Albert Kumin. The restaurant got a lot bigger and I cooked and baked and did the books and all the other stuff you do in a restaurant that is totally exhausting. The rest, as they say, is history.

The late Eugene Bernard

The late Eugene Bernard