I am a regular correspondent for The Boston Globe Wednesday food section. I also contribute to Vegetarian Times magazine. My books are available through Amazon (just click on the pictures for the links.)

 "I thought to give this book to a friend, but then I read it and decided that the creative ideas were so good and unusual, and the practical tips were so helpful that I would keep it myself, and give away the finished products she describes rather than the book itself. I have just made the hazelnut shortbread, and altho' I knew the tip about rubbing toasted hazelnuts in a cloth to remove the brown skin, she suggested a damp terry towel, and the dampness is the key! It was so much easier than with the dry towel I used before.If you can bear to give it away, it would make a lovely present."

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"Taking full advantage of a rich variety of fresh ingredients, The Tao of Cooking offers the adventurous cook a chance to experiment with 300 meatless recipes from around the world. Divided into 12 chapters, the book includes recipes for entrees, breakfasts, soups, appetizers, side dishes, and pasta and more than 50 recipes for breads and desserts. Menus for complete meals, a glossary of ingredients, and a thorough index contribute to making it one of the most useful and joyful treasures on your cookbook shelf. These superb recipes and menus are from the legendary Tao Restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana. A vegetarian favorite! "

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 "This fabulous vegetarian cookbook has, unfortunately, been overshadowed by better known ones coming out of Moosewood, Greens, etc., but anyone who loves food, vegetarian or not, will probably adore this book. It's absolutely terrific. Unlike a lot a vegetarian recipes, these are very finely tuned, even subtle.The cornmeal pancakes remain the best I've ever had; salads are excellent; and the soups just as good. I really love this book and would never be without it."

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